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We are developing bathroom surfaces witnin the UK since 2010.

As the acquainted name in waterproof wall & ceiling coverings, Wet Wall Panels range of styles and effects can be used to enhance any bathroom.

Attractive, strong tounge & groove PVC panels are simple to put in and maybe fitted onto battens or mounted straight to the first wall and is presumably the fastest and easiest method of giving your area a make-over. Nearly maintenance free, Reef is frequently used inside shower enclosures, and an entire vary of trims and profiles are on the market to permit for full area installations of any form and size.

Wet Wall Panels invested with in new technology and are perpetually finding out lovely materials and innovative installation techniques as a result of we have a tendency to believe everybody deserves nice style no matter their budget . In short, our goal is to deliver sensible surfaces through clever concepts.

WetWall Panels - UK's No 1 Bathroom Accessories Suppliers

We are the top notch providers of generating high quality and latest designed wetwall panels across the UK. We not only provide quality but also work our best to make it affordable for all. We have the extensive and exclusive range of variety with the most attractive collections loved by the customers from all around the world. Our designers and buyers confirms that the wetwall Panels are often at the forefront of developments within the industry. We are always up-to-date offering the latest trends and developments from all across Europe and bring these to our customers at the simplest prices within the UK. The productive results are attained through constant hard work that we put in to gain our customer's best reviews and satisfaction.

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  • 100% Waterproof
  • Grout FREE
  • Fire Retardant
  • Super Quick Install
  • 100% Mould Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy Cleaning for your chosen Shower Faucets
  • Easy to clean, no grout, no hassle!
  • Risk of mould eradicated completely as there is no grout
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be fitted over tiles
  • Multipanel wall panels come with a unique Hydrolock joint for near seamless walls
  • They're quick and easy to install
  • They're zero maintenance
  • They can help to create the perfect look
  • They can help insulate your home and reduce energy bills
  • They're way more affordable than most bathroom tiles
  • Versatility
  • Wall Mountable
  • Water Saving

Tell Me More About Wet Wall:

Wet Wall panels are an innovative new alternative to tiles in UK. They are quick and easy to install, waterproof, mould resistant, easy to clean, fire retardant, rigid with T&G locking joints which come in seamless panels.

Wet Wall ceiling panels come in various sizes and can be custom ordered to suit high volume orders, standard sizes being 2700*250*5mm.

Both types come in a wide variety of designs to transform your bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

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